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Penelope Ransby is the granddaughter of Evelyn and Vera Wilton.

She was born in England and grew up in small mining communities in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania, followed by boarding school in England when she spent a large part of her teenage years with her grandmother Vera. She emigrated to Australia in her 20s and now lives in Sydney.

The story started for me when I read Chris's letters.

His enthusiasm, his love of his new life, his plans for his farm, his hopes and plans for the future leap out of the page, even now, more than a century after they were written. I inherited his letters from my parents, Peter and Alida Ransby. They had been mainly concerned with finding out the story of Evelyn Wilton, my maternal grandfather, but as I read Chris's letters I Found myself being drawn more and more into the lives of the Andrews brothers, Lance and Chris. They left no descendants to speak for them, so this is primarily their story.