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Alida's father was a hero. She knew this because they had written his name on a big wooden board together with the names of all the other heroes. She was only three years old at the time but she remembered it clearly all her life. Sixty years later she wrote to a regional newspaper far from where she lived. 'I am endeavouring to learn something of my early life in Western Australia and wonder if any of your readers can help' she began.

This is the story she found.

'Dream of Margaret River' tells the story of Lance and Chris Andrews and of her father Evelyn Wilton, their partnership in Komani Farm, their service in the war, their dreams of returning home, and the aftermath of the war. This account of their lives is entirely non-fiction and is drawn from original sources (letters, personal diaries, battalion diaries, government records, eyewitness accounts, contemporary newspaper articles) and, seven decades later, recollections by contemporaries.